Irish Blessings

Go n-éirí an bóthar leat.
May the road rise up to meet you.

In honour of St Patrick’s Day (2016), we’ve created a new page here at the Well Wishers Group which places the Irish Blessings all together for easier reference.

Feel free to leave a comment perhaps sharing your favourite Irish Blessing.

With a gleeful heart, blessings always, all ways.
Sri Devi ॐ

1. Always Remember to Forget Your Troubles

2. A Light Heart Lives Long

3. May Joy Be Your Companion

4. May the Blessings of Each Day

5. May You Have a World of Wishes

6.  True Strength Lies in Gentleness

7.  May You Live Every Day of Your Life

8. May You Live A Long Life

9.  I Arise Today Through the Strength of Heaven

10. May Your Joys be as Deep as the Oceans

11.  May You Always Be Blessed

12.  May You Have Enough Happiness

13.  May Good Fortune Be Yours

14.  May God Grant You Many Years to Live

15.  May the Sun Rise Bright

16.  Like the Warmth of the Sun

17. May You Have All the Happiness and Luck

18.  May You Have All the Happiness

19. May You Have a Song in Your Heart

20. Every Path Has Its Puddle

21. For Each Petal On the Shamrock

22. There are Good Ships and Wood Ships

23.  May God Give You For Every Storm a Rainbow

24.  May the Sound of Happy Music

25.  May These Rich Blessings Be Your Due

26.  A Good Laugh and a Long Sleep

27. May These Walls Be Filled With Laughter

28.  May the Irish Hills Caress You

29. May Flowers Always Line Your Path

30.  May the Road Rise Up to Meet You

31.  Dance As If No One Were Watching