The Well Wishers Group celebrates
Kindness, Love, Beauty, Peace, Light, Joy & Goodwill in the world.
With all our combined positive Light we can expect miracles to happen.

Water Lily Photo by Tom Betty

We could be wishing others well or making a wish at the wishing well.  It’s a place to state our intentions, our heartfelt wishes and celebrate their manifesting.

You might be wishing for yourself or on behalf of a friend/loved one (someone is diagnosed with an illness, is having an operation etc.) and by sharing this, our Light will be focused to wish that person back to wellness.

The examples will unfold as we explore this path together to help make the world a better place.  Already we have shared some Success Stories and the Well Wishers Group looks forward to celebrating many more.

To share your story bringingkindnesstolife@gmail.com is the place to get in touch and your story could be featured to help inspire others in the world.

Every month, a powerful time to make wishes is on the New Moon.  Each New Moon brings with it special qualities or themes to focus on and the Well Wishers Group Blog will outline what they are near the time of each New Moon.  Using the energy of this potent time together we can plant seeds of intention, dreams, goals, wishes and witness their manifesting.

Blessings on all your kind actions in the world.
Best wishes alwa
ys, all ways!
Sri Devi

4 Responses to About

  1. Hello Sri Devi, I came to this blog while reading about the concept of right judgement. Oh, am I happy that I did so! It is a great idea to join mental power, spiritual power, all good powers of individuals to do something AS BEAUTIFUL as to WISH WELL. Thank you for providing the opportunity, for sharing your wisdom and gifts, thank you from my heart’s soul.


    • Sri Devi says:

      You sound like a very special soul, thank you for visiting and taking the time to leave such a beautiful comment and reflection. Kind regards and Blessings on all you do (from your Gravatar) . . .

      Dreamer…..above all……seeker of goodness…….self-taught survivor of many madnesses lived and seen………in love with love………
      Interested in music of all origins, learning…to share, getting to live in a natural setting….and providing lots of TLC to beings with special needs.


  2. Thank you for following my blog, Sri Devi! I’m glad to be acquainted with Well Wishers Group – it’s a beautiful mission and a powerful practice. Blessings, Jamie


    • Sri Devi says:

      Namaste Jamie,
      It’s an honour to be acquainted with you.
      Anyone who places value on quality conversation and stories of heartfelt daring, such as yourself, has the ears of my heart listening with great interest and respect.
      Laura Bruno’s blog was how I recently discovered Sophia’s Children.
      I look forward to reading every one of your posts.
      Blessings on all you do!
      Sri Devi


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