Yearly Planner for Personal Growth using Astrology

Namaste dear Well Wishers,

OM Wooden Carving Happy Birthday Greeting Card
Photo by Sri Devi for Heart to Art

Over the past twelve days we have been looking at some activities to pursue while the Sun is visiting one of the 12 Houses of our birth chart as suggested by April Elliott Kent in her helpful book  The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology.

For a recap of the series, you can click below to find out the best ways to share our creative gifts with others and foster our personal growth while the current Sun sign is visiting the:

First House
Second House
Third House
Fourth House
Fifth House
Sixth House
Seventh House
Eighth House
Ninth House
Tenth House
Eleventh House
Twelfth House

Something that surprised me or caught my eye going through this exercise of the Sun visiting one of the 12 Houses was that during the month of August, the Sun is in my 12th house and it’s meant to be “one of the lowest months for vitality“, according to Astrologer April Elliott Kent.

Typically, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, I’d picture this being a time when one is full of energy.  Yet it does make sense during my years as a school teacher to “get plenty of rest so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running next month.”

The next month, September in my case, marked the beginning of a new school year and something that my summers were dedicated to – getting enough rest to prepare for the coming year.

In Jan Spiller’s book New Moon Astrology there is a handy chart that translates the Zodiac degrees into dates during the year.  It’s a great book to own, I highly recommend it.  While doing a search for that very phrase the chart I refer to is sampled in a preview of Ms Spiller’s book here (you just need to scroll down a little bit).

Using the chart I found out the dates for the beginning and end of each of the 12 Houses in my birth chart.  Below, you’ll find what “my” year looks like.  I also include the recommendations from April Elliott Kent for some creative endeavours to pursue at that time.

1st House (August 31st – Sept 22nd)
“This is one of the best months all year to assert yourself.  Go ahead, be a little pushy!

2nd House (September 22nd –  October 20th)
“Celebrate life, nature, and your many blessings.  Get better at relaxing and enjoying yourself.

3rd House (October 20th – November 24th)
“Enjoy time with siblings and neighbours.  Celebrate your creativity in writing or storytelling, and spread the word about yourself and your efforts.”

4th House (November 24th –  December 30th)
“Celebrate your roots, and the family that made you who you are.  Focus on becoming the ancestor that future generations of your family will be proud to claim as their own.”

5th House (December 30th –  January 31st)
“This is one of the most creative months of the year for you.  Put your whole self into your creative passions, and inspire others to explore their own creativity.”

6th House (January 31st – February 27th)
“This is your month to shine in the workplace.  You should also honestly evaluate areas for improvement, but resist the urge to become too critical of yourself or others.”

7th House (February 27th –  March 20th)
“Suddenly everyone wants to be your best friend!  This is a good month to share the spotlight with others, so look for opportunities to collaborate with others on creative projects.”

8th House (March 20th – April 16th)
“For many people, this is the low point in the year, with much self-examination, a little regret, and difficult feelings about other people that need to be resolved.  Give yourself over completely to the feelings that arise, then let them go!  It’s the psychological equivalent of taking out the garbage.”

9th House (April 16th – May 21st)
“This is a wonderful month for an adventure.  If you’ve been wanting to take a chance on something new, this is the month to do it!  Also a good month to travel (especially overseas) and to share your knowledge with others.”

10th House (May 21st – June 30th)
“If you’ve been needing to make a career push, do it during the month when the Sun is moving through your tenth house.  Others will instinctively look up to you this month, so be sure you present yourself in a way that earns their respect.”

11th House (June 30th – August 4th)
“This is a great month to get your message out to a mass audience, because you will naturally shine in large groups of people.”

12th House (August 4th – August 31st)
“This is one of the lowest months of the year for physical vitality.  Get lots of rest so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running next month.”

Looking at the year in this way for the first time, other points that seem logical in their placement are that the 4th House, being centered around family, is taking place at Christmas time and the 5th House is during the New Year which is pegged as being one of the most creative months of the year.

Something that struck me as odd timing was when the Sun is in the 8th House (in my birth chart) it’s Springtime in the Northern Hemisphere and this is a time that is termed as a “low point in the year”.

Au contraire, it’s a highlight and an energizing time when Spring comes along, though as April Elliott Kent mentions it’s a time “equivalent of taking out the garbage.”  In the coming years, Spring Cleaning will take on a new meaning!

Your year will look differently to mine as I have it outlined above.  Will you find out what your year looks like?  If there is anything unclear about what I’ve mentioned, I’m sorry! and please feel free to ask, I’ll help as much as I can!

This yearly planner does make me think of Gretchen Rubin’s book the Happiness Project, though I would consider choosing goals and activities based on the astrological perspective for each month.

If this can be of help to anyone else, I’d be so delighted, and really happy if you would take the time to share your thoughts with us if you’ve ever done something like this before or are considering trying it out now.

If you don’t have a birth chart, Astrodienst’s website is a great place to do so.  You will need your birth date, birth place and time of birth.

In the meantime, best wishes always, all ways.
Kind regards,
Sri Devi


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