Personal Growth as the Sun Moves Through the 10th House of your Birthchart

Namaste dear Well Wishers,

You Can Do It! Encouragement Card with Squirrel
by Sri Devi for Heart to Art

Today makes for our tenth post in a series of twelve.  It mentions an area for our personal growth which is being highlighted this month due to the current Sun Sign (Gemini) visiting one of the twelve houses in our birth charts.

Have a look and find where the current Sun sign of Gemini ♊ is in your birth chart.  It will be positioned in one of the 12  houses.  Today we are looking at the Sun in the 10th House.

When the Sun is visiting your tenth house, April Elliott Kent suggests from her book The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology that: “If you’ve been needing to make a career push, do it during the month when the Sun is moving through your tenth house.  Others will instinctively look up to you this month, so be sure you present yourself in a way that earns their respect.”

The Sun is in my tenth house and as someone who is currently seeking alternative employment, this comes at a good time!  May the month be fruitful for all, for the highest good of all.

Reaching your Goal Greeting Card with Mountaintop
Photo by Tom Betty for Heart to Art

We’ll be back tomorrow with a visit to the Eleventh House.  Grab your birth chart and join us, won’t you?  Print off one for your loved one while you’re at it if you like.  Astrodienst’s website is a great place to do so.  You will need your birth date, birth place and time of birth.

Kind regards,
Sri Devi


About Sri Devi

Welcome to the Well Wishers Group Blog! Many interests and creative pursuits bring Kindness and Well Wishes to life through my Art, being a Waldorf Teacher, Vegetarian, Hatha Yoga Practitioner and Teacher, Reflexologist, Heart to Art Greeting Card Creator, New Moon Astrologist. I'm a seeker of peaceful and meaningful ways to connect with people, animals and nature, celebrating Beauty within and without. Best wishes always, all ways! Enjoy!
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