Week 19 August 11 – 17 Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner in English, French, German

Namaste Well Wishers,

Another week has flown by, hope you are well!
If you are just joining us, “Greetings!”

We are spending time each week with one of the 52 verses from the Calendar of the Soul meditations written in 1912 by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).

Today, on Saturday, August 11th 2012, we move to Verse 19 (Week of August 11th – 17th).  The verses were originally written in German by Rudolf Steiner, included here are translations into English and French.

Artwork by Kristina Kiil

19. Ninteenth Week after Easter (August 11-17)

In secret to encompass now
With memory what I’ve newly got
Shall be my striving’s further aim:
Thus, ever strengthening, selfhood’s forces
Shall be awakened from within
And growing, give me to myself.

19. Dix-neuvième semaine: 11-17 août

Mystérieusement avec le souvenir,
Enclore le présents nouvellement reçus,
Qu’à cela désormais s’applique mon effort:
Que sa vigueur augmente et qu’il
éveille ainsi
La force personelle au-dedans de mon être
Et se réalisant, qu’il me rende à moi-même.

19. Woche: 11-17 August

Geheimnisvoll das Neu-Empfang’ne
Mit der Erinnrung zu umschliessen,
Sei meines Strebens weitrer Sinn:
Er soll erstarkend Eigenkräfte
In meinem Innern wecken
Und werdend mich mir selber geben.

The Meditations invite us to develop a deeper understanding of the spiritual forces at work throughout the year.

For Rudolf Steiner the year begins with Easter so the verses are numbered 1 to 26 for the summer half of the year (Easter to Michaelmas) and verses 27 to 52 for the winter months (Michaelmas to Palm Sunday).

Next week will be Verse 20 (August 18-24), until then, be well.
Kindest regards,
Sri Devi


About Sri Devi

Welcome to the Well Wishers Group Blog! Many interests and creative pursuits bring Kindness and Well Wishes to life through my Art, being a Waldorf Teacher, Vegetarian, Hatha Yoga Practitioner and Teacher, Reflexologist, Heart to Art Greeting Card Creator, New Moon Astrologist. I'm a seeker of peaceful and meaningful ways to connect with people, animals and nature, celebrating Beauty within and without. Best wishes always, all ways! Enjoy!
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