Sun in Cancer June 20th 2012 @ 7:09 pm EDT

Namaste Well Wishers,
Welcome to Cancer’s time in the Sun!
Happy First Day of Summer!
Happy Summer Solstice!

Hope you and your loved ones enjoy a wonderful start to the summer season.  To help us on our way feel free to check out this offering from Ron Allen’s album Dream Catcher.  It is a beautiful album highlighting eight Pagan festivals and in honour of today features the track for the Summer Solstice.  Enjoy and Blessings on the summer season!

The Sun makes it’s way in to Cancer on Wednesday, June 20th 2012 @ 7:09 pm EDT.

Wishing all our friends well who have birthdays coming up this month while the Sun is in Cancer.

Birthday Blessings and Well Wishes For Cancerians

June Birthstone Cat’s Eye Moonstone (orthoclase feldspar) in cabochon by Sun at Night

In June: Caron, Jill, Jenn, Desray, Kai (21st); Joy, Yamuna Devi, Felix (22nd): Ravi, Ben, Adaya (23rd); Arthur (24th); Isabel (25th); Lucy, Tina (27th); Hannah (28th); Denise (29th); Tara Rose (30th).

July Birthday with Larkspur Garden by Salon of Art Greetings

In July:  Stephane (1st); Jamie, Phoebe (2nd); Iain (3rd); Jonah, Sarah (4th); Krista (5th); Jason, Zulema, Tim (6th); Anna (7th); Pauline (8th); Delia, Bernadette, Monica (9th); Ann, Cleo (11th); Peter, Shannon (12th); Andrea (14th); Ina (15th); Tariq (16th); Evelyne, Mary, Kaia (18th); Tom, Bonnie (19th) Esmé (21st).

If there is a Birthday in Cancer coming up that you know about please feel free to get in touch either by leaving a comment with this post or by e-mailing
With your help, we would love to see this list grow.

All About Cancer ♋

Lucky Day:  Monday
Lucky Numbers: 3 and 7
Special Colors: Sea Green and Silver
Birthstone: Pearl
Cities:  Venice, Amsterdam, New York, Algiers
Countries:  Scotland, Holland, New Zealand
Flowers:  Larkspur and Acanthus
Trees:  Trees Rich in Sap
Metal:  Silver
Animals: Those with Shell Coverings

The Moon ☽ is the ruler of Cancer, which gives us a clue into the ever changing moods of the Crab.  The Crab has a tough impenetrable exterior protecting the soft flesh found underneath.  The Moon waxes and wanes as it orbits around the Earth and exerts a powerful magnetic influence over the ocean and its tides.  In a similar fashion a whole host of emotions and contradictions ebb and flow under the surface of the Crab.

The written symbol or glyph for Cancer ♋ represents the claws of the Crab as well as the human breasts, the part of anatomy that the Cancer sun sign represents.  Let’s clarify, this does not mean that Cancerians are more prone to breast cancer than others.

Worth mentioning is an extreme susceptibility to sunburn, so it is especially important for our Cancerian friends to cover up in the sun and use a high factor sunscreen, even in the winter sun.  Cancer also rules the stomach.  Cancerians love to eat and may have to fight weight gain in later years.  They are also prone to digestive ailments triggered by tension and emotional stress.  Cancerians are known for their “gut feelings” and if not clouded by worry, are usual right if they “feel” a certain course of action should be taken.

As alluded to earlier, the complex mix of emotions makes Cancerians one of the most enigmatic of all signs of the Zodiac.  Three key impulses for the native of Cancer are to protect, nourish and nurture.  Those claws of protection waver from being clingy and needy to open arms outstretched ready to nourish and nurture others.  Cancerians have a natural instinct for making others feel nurtured and understood.  Be aware that there is a sort of internal accounting going on, so be sure to reciprocate the kindness in an equally thoughtful way.

As an Element of Water some keywords to describe Cancerians would be:  sympathetic, caring, devoted, home-making, receptive, emotionally attuned, introspective, nurturing.

Sun in Cancer marks the beginning of the Summer season, Summer Solstice and thus is a Cardinal sign.  As Leaders, to labour with love in their chosen field of work they need to be their own Boss or the Big Boss.  They need to conceive and bring to life their own ideas, be the captain of their own ship so to speak.

As a Cardinal Water sign Cancerians do well in jobs that are absorbing, deep, constantly moving, with an aura of mystery about them to get the imagination stirring.  They need a high level of privacy while they work.  Time to hide in their shell to move sideways, backwards trying out ideas first before moving forward.

Imagination is key to their profession as well as time for travel and definitely a home-base.  Taking clients out for food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) is a slice of heaven.  Ideally, being able to keep dreams and plans secret until its time to reveal them to the public would be the profession for Cancer.  Cancerians are well represented in the Arts, Culinary Profession, Medical Profession, also Banking, Finance and Insurance fields.

While the Sun is in Cancer this month we could take a page out of our Cancerian Friends’ book and make the most of this caring, nurturing energy by treating ourselves with greater care while also keeping our emotional antennae set on the needs of others and listening to our gut instincts.  While being loyal to our loved ones, also remember that our true family is the Human Race.  Here is an interesting quote to ponder by astrologer Jayj Jacobs:  “Cancer is just a Scorpio in a housecoat.”

The three Angel Cards drawn just now for our Cancerian Friends:
✿ Honesty ✿ Creativity ✿ Forgiveness ✿

As Honesty impels us to stand up for our convictions,
May our Creativity shine through
and Forgiveness free us from past hurts and sustained suffering.

Sent with love,
Sri Devi

Below, please find some Greeting Cards created from my Art piece entitled Moon Crab  available in English and French for sale at my Heart to Art Greeting Card Store or by e-mailing directly to

Inside the greeting card to the left is a little poem to wish our Friends well during their time in the Cancer sun:

Dear Cancerian Friend
You have many shining gifts

Your abundant love and care truly uplifts.
May this year’s journey around the sun
Bring you Light, Love, Peace and plenty of Fun!

About Sri Devi

Welcome to the Well Wishers Group Blog! Many interests and creative pursuits bring Kindness and Well Wishes to life through my Art, being a Waldorf Teacher, Vegetarian, Hatha Yoga Practitioner and Teacher, Reflexologist, Heart to Art Greeting Card Creator, New Moon Astrologist. I'm a seeker of peaceful and meaningful ways to connect with people, animals and nature, celebrating Beauty within and without. Best wishes always, all ways! Enjoy!
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