Sun in Taurus April 19th 2012 at 12:12 pm EDT

Namaste Well Wishers,

Hope you and your loved ones are enjoying a wonderful start to the springtime season.

Taurus Beauty by Sri Devi

The Sun makes it’s way in to Taurus on April 19th 2012 at 12:12 pm EDT.

Wishing all our friends well who have birthdays coming up this month while the sun is in Taurus.

Birthday Blessings and Well Wishes to:

May Birthstone Natural Emerald (Green Beryl) Crystal by Sun at Night

In April:  Lissa (19th); Dana, Tom (20th); Luciano (23rd); Wally (25th); Nanci, Callum (26th); Bettie (28th).

In May:  Aoiffe, Julia (4th); Lukas, Jacob, Quinten (5th); Alex, Morgana (6th); Sonja (7th); Einat, Craig, José (8th); Anoosha (9th); Robert (12th); Radhika (15th); Heike (17th); Christine, Robin, Anne Jane (19th).

Please feel free to get in touch if there is a Taurus birthday coming up that you know about.  We would love to see this list grow.

All About Taurus

Lucky Day:  Friday
Lucky Numbers: 6 and 4
Special Colors: Pale Blue and Mauve
Birthstone: Emerald
Cities:  Dublin, Lucerne, Leipzig, St Louis
Countries:  Ireland, Switzerland, Cyprus, Greece
Flowers:  Violet and Poppy
Trees:  Cypress and Apple
Metal:  Copper
Animals: Cattle

♀ Venus ruler of Taurus ♉

Venus is the ruler of Taurus, bringing forth a love of beauty, the Arts and creativity.  People born under the sign of Taurus have a deep appreciation for the finer side of life.  They are able to pair their artistic vision with a great determination to reach their goals with success.

In keeping with the keywords I HAVE, Taurus is the sign of property and money, with an inclination towards collecting possessions and keeping them.  It’s opposite sign Scorpio is concerned with legacies and shared wealth.

The written symbol or glyph for Taurus ♉ represents the horns and head of the Bull.  The neck and throat are ruled by Taurus.  Have you ever noticed that many of our Taurean friends have beautiful singing voices?  Have a look, our Taurean friends have a reputation for being the best-looking of all the signs!  Areas of vulnerability for Taureans are colds, laryngitis, sore throats and thyroid problems.

As an Element of Earth some keywords to describe Taureans would be:  earthy, sensuous, artistic, steadfast, stable, productive, dependable, loyal, trustworthy, persevering, affectionate, admiring, appreciative, attractive.

Taurus falls right in the heart of Spring, as with all signs in the middle of a season they are a Fixed sign (ORGANIZER), so, to labor with love in their chosen field of work they need to organize and be responsible for the outcome of whatever it is they are involved with.

As a Fixed Earth sign Taureans do well in jobs that are solid, stable and practical, have a firm foundation as well as a powerful potential for growth.  Taureans gather the facts and will only act on them after much deliberation when they feel the timing is right.  It needs to be a career or profession that gets bigger and better every year no matter what the field.

While the Sun is in Taurus this month we can make the most of this energy by surrounding ourselves with beauty and enjoying activities that bring pleasure.  An ideal time for gardening as well as tending, nurturing and caring for our dreams.

The three Angel Cards drawn just now for our Taurean Friends:
✿ Celebration ✿ Pure Love ✿ Joy ✿

Below, please find some Greeting Cards created from my Art piece entitled Taurus Beauty available in English and French for sale at my Heart to Art Greeting Card Store or by e-mailing directly to

French Zodiac Taureau (Taurus) by Heart to Art

Taurus Birthday Card by Heart to Art Greeting Cards

Inside the greeting card to the left is a little poem to wish our Friends well during their time in the Taurus sun:

Taurean Friend you have many shining gifts,
Your beauty and charm truly uplifts.
May this year’s journey around the sun
Bring you Light, Love, Peace and plenty of Fun!

Two fellow artists at Greeting Card Universe have their birthdays in Taurus so I’ve chosen a little selection of their cards to show, please do check out their wonderful stores on Greeting Card Universe Rycky Creations and Valley Designs by Bettie Watts.

Happy Birthday to Mom by Rycky Creations

Customized Birthday Greeting Card by Rycky Creations

Hope series for Cancer by Rycky Creations

Hello Friend by Valley Designs

Get Well Soon by Valley Designs

Lastly, please find below some beautiful cards that showcase the Birth Month Flowers for  May from Sun at Night Studios on Greeting card Universe.

Lily May Birth Flower by Sun at Night

May Birthflower Water Lily by Sun at Night

Lily May Birth Flower by Sun at Night


About Sri Devi

Welcome to the Well Wishers Group Blog! Many interests and creative pursuits bring Kindness and Well Wishes to life through my Art, being a Waldorf Teacher, Vegetarian, Hatha Yoga Practitioner and Teacher, Reflexologist, Heart to Art Greeting Card Creator, New Moon Astrologist. I'm a seeker of peaceful and meaningful ways to connect with people, animals and nature, celebrating Beauty within and without. Best wishes always, all ways! Enjoy!
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3 Responses to Sun in Taurus April 19th 2012 at 12:12 pm EDT

  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes and for featuring my cards. I appreciate both.
    And for all you other Taurus birthdays, Happy Birthday to each of you.


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