New Moon in Pisces Tuesday February 21st 2012 at 5:34 pm EST

Namaste Well Wishers,

Happy New Moon in Pisces!  Tuesday, February 21st 2012 at 5:34 pm EST.

Every New Moon we have the opportunity to start afresh and visit or revisit our dreams, goals, intentions or wishes.  When we write down our 10 heartfelt wishes this month we may want to have some of our wishes relating to the areas that are in line with the energy of the New Moon in Pisces.

Friendship/Kindness Card Seneca Quote by Heart to Art

Some keywords for Pisces: Compassionate, Self-sacrificing, Gentle, Wise, Accepting, Adaptable, Sensitive, Mysterious, Imaginative, Multi-talented, Selfless, Devoted, Easygoing.

For tips on How to Make Wishes on the New Moon, please check out the category New Moon Wishes to the side of this post and scroll down to How to Make New Moon Wishes Part 1, 2 and 3.  If you only have time to read one, I’d suggest reading Part 2.

The modern ruler of Pisces is Neptune which brings out qualities of Illusion like Confusion, Sleep, Fantasy, Imagination and Chaos.

Wishes could be based on enhancing the positive by facing times of confusion in constructive ways, releasing insomnia, seeking better quality of sleep, turning fantasy into constructive action towards achieving our goals, increasing our imagination and overview of possibilities in our lives, transforming chaotic situations into serenity and peace of mind.

“When faced with confusion, with ease I want to act in constructive ways that allow me to grow.”

Pisces rules Joy and Joyful States such as Internal Happiness, Bliss, Ecstasy and Universal Love.

Wishes could include being filled with increasing feelings of happiness within and spreading to experiencing the peace of universal love.

“With ease,  I want to consciously tap into my internal joy and happiness.”

Gandhi Quote Vegetarianism by Heart to Art

Pisces rules Psychic Sensitivity bringing a kind and gentle awareness of others through Emotional Sensitivity, Gentleness, Awareness of Subtle Energies, Mystical States and Harmlessness.

Let wishes help us achieve a kinder approach to life by seeking to stay in our own kind, loving nature, asking to be more sensitive to others, seeking the clarity of the mystic mind in viewing our life and life’s circumstances, being tuned into the positive spiritual forces around us, adding gentleness to our character, seeking to live in ways that are harmless toward others, asking that all debilitating sensitivity be removed.

“With ease, I want to find myself attuned to the positive spiritual forces around me.”

Talmud Quote Angels by Heart to Art

Pisces rules consciously Seeking a Higher Power through Surrender, Trust, Spiritual Awareness and the Channeling of Spiritual Power.

Wishes could help us increase our connection with a Higher Power through surrendering our worries and fears into the healing hands of a Higher Power, remembering that Source is doing it all, trusting a Higher Power to successfully guide our lives, trusting that all of life’s events are for our highest good, seeking to channel healing spiritual power in our daily lives, finding the right spiritual teacher to work with, finding the right company to walk a similar spiritual path together.

“With ease I want to find myself trusting that there is a Higher Power successfully guiding my life for my highest good.”

OM symbol Peace by Heart to Art

Pisces rules Spiritual Healing including Meditation and Yoga, Desire for Inner Peace, Angelic Assistance, Quiet Time, Spiritual Purification.

Let wishes promote spiritual healing by  focusing on inner peace, starting and maintaining a meditation practice, finding and regularly attending the right yoga class, seeking help from the Angels in our creative pursuits, finding regular quiet time in our lives, experiencing the healing power of love, seeking a total healing in our lives in a given area by surrendering to a Higher Power.

“When I am creating ___________ (art, music, poetry, dance, writing), with ease I want to be fully receptive to the support and influence of the Angels.”

Forgiveness Quote Mark Twain by Heart to Art

Pisces rules Unconditional Love and it’s companions Forgiveness, Understanding, Nonjudgmental Thinking, Tolerance, Acceptance, Compassion and Acknowledging Oneness.

The energy of Pisces is on our side at this time to encourage total forgiveness in a given situation, feeling love and compassion toward others, understanding that everyone is doing the best they can given what they know and the tools they have, seeking wisdom that leads to loving others unconditionally, responding with compassion to those who are in need, accepting others with love without trying to ‘fix’ them.

“With ease, I want to find myself lovingly accepting ___________ without trying to ‘fix’ him/her.”

Pisces rules Victim Mentality – here are some negative traits to overcome using the power of the Pisces New Moon:  Defeatist Attitudes, Procrastination, Panic Attacks, Deception, Addictions and Disappointments.

“With ease, I want all feelings of disappointment to be replaced with the knowledge that everything is working toward my highest good.”

Pisces rules Feet, Bunions and Corns, Colds, Lymphatic System, Poisoning and Toxicity.
Wishes could involve wanting a total healing in any of the above areas, attracting the right healers or information to result in the complete restoration of your health. We could also wish for the right information to come to us to help a friend or family member who is suffering from any of the above.

“With ease, I want to attract, recognize and begin working with the right healers to restore my body to perfect, radiant health”.

As we make our wishes this New Moon in Pisces,
May all y(our) heartfelt dreams come true!

About Sri Devi

Welcome to the Well Wishers Group Blog! Many interests and creative pursuits bring Kindness and Well Wishes to life through my Art, being a Waldorf Teacher, Vegetarian, Hatha Yoga Practitioner and Teacher, Reflexologist, Heart to Art Greeting Card Creator, New Moon Astrologist. I'm a seeker of peaceful and meaningful ways to connect with people, animals and nature, celebrating Beauty within and without. Best wishes always, all ways! Enjoy!
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6 Responses to New Moon in Pisces Tuesday February 21st 2012 at 5:34 pm EST

  1. judith cheng says:

    How funny…I did not realize one can actually WISH for better quality of sleep. I can be so much more focus on my painting, if only I can get more sleep…


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