New Moon in Sagittarius Friday November 25th at 1:09 am EST

Namaste Well Wishers,

New Moon in Sagittarius – Friday, November 25th at 1:09am EST or on the West Coast Thursday, November 24th at 10:10 pm PST.

When we write down our 10 heartfelt wishes this month we may want to have some of our wishes relating to the areas that are in line with the energy of the New Moon in Sagittarius.  In preparation for the coming New Moon these themes are detailed hereafter with an example of a wish.

For tips on How to make wishes on the New Moon, please check out the category New Moon Wishes to the side of this post and scroll down to How to Make New Moon Wishes Part 1, 2 and 3.  If you only have time to read one, I’d suggest reading Part 2.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and bestows gifts of Optimism in bountiful ways:  Faith, Friendliness, Good Luck, Generosity, Gallantry.

Wishes could be based on bringing some good luck into our life, having confidence and faith for events to turn out positively, bringing out our gallant nature for helping others, welcoming friendly relationships with people, having Faith that a Higher Power guides us always in all ways.

“With ease, I want to be open to good luck entering into my life in every way.”

As in its symbol the Archer, Sagittarius rules Freedom and its counterparts: Spontaneity, Adventure, Exploration, Foreign Travel and Positive Expectations.

Wishes could include seeking out ways to incorporate trips and travel in our life, positive adventures, trips that meet our budget, enjoying spontaneous interactions with others,  viewing life as a happy adventure, successfully exploring new areas, joyfully experiencing life to the full.

“With ease, in the situation regarding  ____________ , I want to be filled with optimism for a positive outcome.”

Sagittarius the Archer rules our Quest for Truth, such as Religion, Prayer and Higher Guidance, Places of Worship, Frankness and Honesty.

Let wishes help bring out our personal connection to Truth by seeking the help of a Higher Power in our life, asking to communicate with a clear connection to our positive Spiritual Guides, finding the right place of worship to attend, attending our chosen place of worship on a regular basis, guidance in how to pray in order to connect with God/a Higher Power/our Angels, learning how to meditate, finding ourselves praying/meditating or reading spiritual books for a minimum number of days per week and for a specific amount of time.

“With ease, I want to find myself being honest with others for the highest good of all.”

Sagittarius is all about Higher Education including Colleges and Universities, Mentors, Philosophy, Seeking Answers and Finding Solutions.

Wishes could include finding the right college or university, finding and beginning to work with the right mentor in our chosen area of interest, finding clear, straightforward solutions to situations, actively seeking answers to a specific dilemma, attracting, recognizing and working with the right spiritual teacher for the soul’s development.

“With ease and clarity I want to find the solution to _____________ for the highest good of all.”

Sagittarius rules the Law, and its counterparts Attorneys, Lawyers, Court Proceedings, Ethics, Morality and Conscience.

Let wishes bring out these qualities in us…  acting with integrity, choosing the ethical path, and wishes could also encourage a positive relationship with the law by attracting, choosing and beginning to work with the right lawyer or attorney, at an easily affordable price, asking for clarity in the court proceedings so that the decisions we make bring about a positive outcome in our overall best interests.

“With ease, I want to be filled with clarity to make decisions that bring about a positive outcome in my overall best interest in the court proceedings with ________________.”

Sagittarius rules the Natural World and it’s companions, Connections to Nature, Intuition and Peace of Mind.

The energy of Sagittarius is on our side at this time for listening to our intuitive voices, trusting our Guides to lead us in the right direction, acting upon intuitive knowing, increasing the strength and accuracy of our intuition, opening our connections to nature, appreciating the beauty of nature, consistently experiencing peace of mind.

“With ease, I want my intuition to become stronger and more accurate.”

Sagittarius rules Carelessness – here are some negative traits to overcome using the power of the Sagittarian New Moon:  Shortcuts, Making Assumptions, Extravagance, Excess, Self-righteousness, Blunt communication, Unrealistic Approaches.

“With ease, I want all tendency to assume, totally lifted from me.”

Sagittarius rules the Hips, Liver, Sciatica, Thighs and Upper Legs.
Wishes could involve wanting a total healing in any of the above areas, attracting the right healers or information to result in the complete restoration of your health. We could also wish for the right information to come to us to help a friend who is suffering from any of the above.

“With ease, I want to attract, recognize and begin working with the right healers to restore my body to perfect, radiant health”.

As we make your wishes this New Moon in Sagittarius,
May all y(our) heartfelt dreams come true!

About Sri Devi

Welcome to the Well Wishers Group Blog! Many interests and creative pursuits bring Kindness and Well Wishes to life through my Art, being a Waldorf Teacher, Vegetarian, Hatha Yoga Practitioner and Teacher, Reflexologist, Heart to Art Greeting Card Creator, New Moon Astrologist. I'm a seeker of peaceful and meaningful ways to connect with people, animals and nature, celebrating Beauty within and without. Best wishes always, all ways! Enjoy!
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4 Responses to New Moon in Sagittarius Friday November 25th at 1:09 am EST

  1. judith cheng says:

    about this time, I’m dreaming of the city of lights, the city has million miles of lights till January…maybe I can land a good deal or get a big job so I can pop over to Paris?


    • Heart to Art says:

      Bonne chance Judith on your trip to Paris!
      In the meantime, you’ve inspired a new category on the Well Wishers Blog . . .
      Wishes at the Well.
      Now we can await your good news. Please be sure to share when it happens!
      Best wishes always, all ways,


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