Spotlight on the versatile Substitute Teacher

Namaste Well Wishers,

Today’s post puts a well deserved spotlight on those teachers in supporting roles in our schools, the ever flexible, versatile and so essential, Substitute Teacher or Supply Teacher.

At the school where I teach, we have a Substitution Coordinator so that whenever a teacher is sick, something comes up out of the blue, or less frequently, someone knows ahead of time they will be away, this person is the first to call to arrange coverage . . . and that person just also happens to be me!

Now, it can only work if there is someone at the other end of the phone to call to help us out.  And, thank heavens, each school year there always seems to be a new individual that steps forward with diverse skills and experience, flexibility and most importantly – availability!  So much of this happens last minute, it’s amazing how it all comes together.

Substitution super heroes of past and present are made up of teachers, retired teachers, Education students, parents from the community and even returning students before they head to university or college or to travel.  They have the versatility to help wherever needed in our school whether it be the Child Care Centre, Nursery, Kindergarten or Grades One to Eight.

Does your school have a special substitute teacher you’d like to honor?  Please take the time to leave a comment with their name and send this post link to them so they might know how appreciated they are.

With sincere and heartfelt thanks I would like to appreciate the following people for their commitment, love of children, talent for teaching and flexibility:  Dawn, Vivien, Deborah, Rikke, Joyce, Nadia, Emily, Alisan, Gryffin, Glenda, Dian, Rachel, Angelika, Monika, Moreen, Arlene, Fiona, Dijana, Hanna, Hai Yan.

To a Special Substitute Teacher

Recently on Greeting Card Universe I had the honor of choosing one of my cards to highlight in a Design Spotlight and I chose the card displayed above. Wanting to thank our school’s Substitute Teachers I created a card for a Special Substitute Teacher.  To hear more about the Design Spotlight please feel free to check out this link:

To help show our appreciation to those teachers in the school’s supporting roles, hereafter you will find Thank You cards for a Substitute Teacher, Supply Teacher, Tutor, Teacher’s Aide, Student Teacher and a seasonal card for all Teachers.

Thank you to a Wonderful Supply Teacher

To a Special Substitute Teacher

To a Wonderful Tutor

Christmas Wishes to a Special Teacher

To a Special Teacher’s Aide

To a Special Student Teacher


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